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  • Waterproof USB Recharging Backpack

    Perfect for the rain, snow, beach and almost everywhere else, this sleek grey USB charging backpack is a great choice for almost anywhere. The look is a perfect mix of...
  • Waterproof Laptop Backpack with USB Charging

    If you like your backpacks strong yet sleek, stylish yet durable, then look no further. Not only is this bad boy waterproof, but it also has a strong external casing...
  • Canvas USB Port Chargeable Backpack

    If you want a school bag that’s as smart as you and will probably make you even smarter, look no further. This backpack will keep you organized with its multitude...
  • Business Laptop Waterproof Charging Backpack Backpack with USB Charging Port

    Looking for a backpack that’s a little more grown up? Consider this business backpack. It’s got a professional, respectable look, with high quality finishings that say “I made it.” It...
  • Anti-theft Sling Shoulder Bag with External USB Charge Crossbody Chest Bags Backpack

    Perfect for quick day trips, whether around campus, out of the office, to the beach, or to a quaint Renaissance village, this is cross-body shoulder sling bag offers ultimate comfort...
  • External USB charge port for 14" laptop backpack school bag

    Whether you’re hitting up school, work, or some cool, exotic country, this USB chargingbackpack perfectly fits a 14’ backpack and has a sleek USB charger on the side, letting youcharge...
  • Laptop Backpack with External USB Charging capability

    This nylon smart backpack is an awesomely elegant choice for anyone wanting to look stylish and protect their laptop and other electronics in every possible way. Not only does it...
  • Canvas Backpack With USB Design

    This ultra-stylish canvas backpack is definitely one of the best looking and best design USB backpacks on the market. It features a convenient USB plug on the front of the...
  • External USB Charge Canvas Backpack

    This canvas USB backpack offers great value considering its stylish, with four great colors to choose from, and extremely practical thanks to the USB charger on the side. It’s also...
  • Waterproof USB Large Capacity 15.6 Inch Laptop Bag

      The Transformer of smart backpacks, this USB charging backpack adjusts to three sizes - 25L, 30L, and a whopping 40L. That makes it an excellent travelling companion, letting you...
  • Quick View Solar Charger Hydration pack
    Sold Out

    Solar Charger Hydration pack

    This backback intertwines the traits of a higher quality bag with a new, strong, thin-film solar module. The integrated solar charging module provides a powerful 7w of power and carries...
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