As if doing what you love for a living isn't enough (not to mention getting to spend your time admiring and photographing beautiful landscapes, events, and people), photographers really have it made when you consider their gear - right down to their backpacks. In fact, photographers are right up there with hikers when it comes to backpack companies catering specifically to their needs. So why is a camera backpack so necessary?

Let's start with the main compartment. Camera bags are set up in such a way so that the camera, lenses, external flash, and charger all have their own components. This means these sensitive materials won't be banging around against each other, preventing wear and tear. The main compartment usually also holds zippable (is that a word? It is now) pockets that are perfect for storing memory cards and extra batteries and flashes, just in case.

Similarly, the front and side pockets tend to have mesh, tight storage as well, as well as a tight Velcro attachment to safely store your tripod. It's these kinds of details that ensure that your gear always stays safe and easily accessible without having to blindly fumble around, and camera backpacks have them in spades.  


Apart from the main component, camera backpacks tend to have back components where you can store a laptop, iPad, magazine, and whatever else tickles your fancy. In fact, it's amazing just how much storage these things actually have.


Throw in the ability to charge on the go and photographers can pretty much live out of their camera bags, not unlike the homeless (except that their bags actually make them money and allow them to live under a roof).



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