Military backpacks can mean lots of different things to different people. If you're a Navy SEAL, for example, you probably have a different idea of what a military backpack is compared to, say, a hunter. So let me ask you: what's it take to be a military backpack Canada?




Of course, the military look has long-been associated with beige-and-green camoflage. Designed so that you blend in to your surroundings, unseen by the enemy, camo quickly evovled to be a fashion statement. While some camo gear have quickly become the butt of memes (looking at you, camo shorts), camo backpacks have remained in style for both rural and urban warriors of all ages and genders. Beige and green remains the most popular, but black and green is becoming increasingly popular as well. 


   Tactical storage

Moving beyond just camo, many military backpacks will also feature some sort of tactical storage. They'll often have detachable molle pouches attached to the front and sides of the backpack, allowing for easy access to crucial items. Front and side pockets will also be big and deep and durable, carrying about 50L. This is the kind of backpack that is ready for just about anything.

Sometimes, you need a vest

Don't let the 'back' part of 'backpack' limit your imagination. Military backpacks also include tactical vests, which are often bulletproof and specifically designed to hold ammunition for shotguns and assault rifles. Other features include holsters, a radio pouch, document pouch, and more.



Carry a medical pouch, save a life

Lastly, no true military backpack is complete without a waterproof medical pouch. This can be used to store bandages, medications, and anything else you need to keep in absolute pristine condition. Generally these will be molle pouches that can easily attach to your military backpack in various ways. 


From hunting to camping to doomsday scenarios (or, you know, just having really efficient, tactical storage), there's plenty of reasons to go with a military backpack Canada. Make sure to choose one that meets your needs and ambitions, no matter how great they may seem.


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