It’s no secret that charging backpacks have saved a lot of butts. Let’s face it, these days power can be money - we may not be living in a dystopian future where we literally charge ourselves like smartphones, but we’re not far off. An uncharged phone can easily spell tons of lost revenue, and an uncharged camera can mean failing to capture some of life’s most beautiful moments. So here are the top 5 devices that benefit most from charging backpacks:

3) Tablets

These all-in-one devices can easily replace your laptop from all but the most hardcore work and gaming related tasks, so they run out of juice more often than you think. The bag solves so many charging dilemmas that often come up with them though. They’re essential when travelling or commuting for example, since long waits can often leads to running the most battery-intensive apps the tablet is capable of. Even when you’re not traveling, the backpack can be used to easily charge the tablet in bed or on the couch, essential for when you start marathoning shows on either. It’s basically like having some sort of monster tablet that never runs out of juice, which is what we all secretly dream of.

2) Cameras

If you own a digital camera, it’s probably for a good reason. After all, most smartphones have pretty decent cameras, so DSLR owners typically bought their cameras for a specific reason - either they’re enthusiastic about capturing life’s most amazing moments or they need great photos for business - either way, running out of juice at an inopportune time can missed shots that can never be gotten back. If that thought fills you with anxiety, you might be one of the people for whom a camera bag would really benefit.

1) Smartphone

The undeniable king for why USB charging backpacks are so useful - because let’s face it, there are so many reasons why your smartphone running out of battery can mean disaster. For work, your smartphone is often your lifeline to the world. If you’re on foot or taking public transit, you may need it for GPS. And good luck meeting up with someone with them - what are you supposed to do, remember people’s phone numbers and call them on a payphone like an animal? Let’s face it - we rely so much more on our phones than we realize - in fact, if all charging backpacks did were charge your phone (as in if all the storage was filled up by a giant battery charger), I’d still want. Being able to use one as a regular bag on top of that is an extra gift I think we should all just be thankful to have.

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