With the holidays coming up, there's no better time to treat your loved ones with the gift of a new backpack. But how do you decide which backpack will make the perfect gift? Use our holiday buying guide to find out. Below is part 1, with a great assortment of gifts for the men in your life:


For the military-obsessed outdoorsman

If you know someone who loves to camp, hike. and watch reenctments of famous historical battles, our 50L Military Tactical Backpack is the perfect choice. The removable pouches offer a near limitless combination of loadouts and easy access to all sorts of essential gear. It also has an awesome amount of storage space, complimented by a comfortable shoulder strap system that lessens the pressure on the wearer. The backpack is also built sturdy and built for life, which is especially important if you're hiking to escape the collapse of civilization.



For the Cool Kid in School

Sure, students go to school to learn, but they want to look cool while they do it. If you want your kid to look like he's too cool for school but actually stay in school, this owl-print canvas schoolbag is the perfect choice. The material is nice and laid-back, and there's just something about those owls, man.


For the new hire

This waterproof business backpack is maybe the most professional backpack we've ever seen. It's got a USB charger on the side, theft-proof zipper design, a sleek, sophisticated look, and an interior designed to help keep all your grown-up things nice and organized. Perfect for when junior starts his first day at the office.



For the "I don't know what to get him"

Regardless of age, interests, or relationship, this canvas backpack will be sure to make any man with shoulders happy. It has the all-important USB charger on the side that we know and love, but it's the size and material that make it so versatile. It's big enough to store your laptop, but with the canvas finish it's light enough to take with you anywhere. Few bags can be taken to the gym, the office, the beach, the mountain, the school and anywhere else you can think of all at once. Whoever "he" is, he will love it. 



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