Back to school is upon us, and with it comes lots of purchase decisions - new clothes, some cool new supplies, maybe a new haircut, and, perhaps most importantly, a new school bag. That's because your (or your child's) school bag is going to be doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to all those other supplies. That's why it's important to not only choose a bag that's stylish (believe me - a bag can literally make or break an outfit), but also one that meets your storage needs.


On that note, the first thing to consider is what, exactly, you're going to be bringing with you to school. This means assessing not only how much storage space you'll need, but also what kind of pockets and compartments you'll need as well. 


Storage space, though, is perhaps the most important factor to consider. To that end, as yourself whether you'll be bringing a laptop to school everyday, and, if so, what the size of the laptop is. Most backpacks that are designed for laptop use will have a special compartment for it in the main compartment that is separated by thing material so as to keep it free from scratches.


The second thing to consider is how many textbooks you'll be carrying, and their size. On that note, it's important to consider that textbooks can be extremely heavy, which is why many doctors advocate for students to download digital copies of textbooks and course packs whenever possible, with many schools accommodating this need as a result, lest the student suffer back problems or the dreaded 'text neck.' Still, if you're going to be weighed down by these heavy monstrosities, then it's important to not only get a backpack with extra storage space, but also one with extra padding at the shoulders.

Canvas school bag

Aside from that, it's important to also make sure that your school bag has enough extra pockets to fit your needs. This really depends on the kind of extras you'll be bringing. If you're packing a lunch to school every day, for example, then you'll want a backpack with a large pouch either on the front or the side of the bag, so that your delicious, painstakingly crafted sandwich does not turn into an involuntarily panini, sans grill. If you're also the type to carry your keys, cellphone and other important items in your backpack, rather than in your pockets or in a separate bag, then you'll want to ensure that there's a separate, secure pocket for these necessities as well. 

owl print backpack

Lastly, be sure to choose a backpack that you like! Of course comfort and function are the top priorities, but if you don't choose a schoolbag that expresses your person style, then you may often find yourself coming up with excuses to forgo it, leaving you carrying a bunch of books under your arm instead of in your bag where they belong. This can lead to all sorts of uncomfortable situations, making this less of a style tip, and more of a prescription.   

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